Robert Bacchus
Fall 2014
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For me, health is a multifaceted term. Not only does it represent the physical status of the individual who may be in need of treatment. It represents the technologies that ensure that innovative, reliable treatments are available. It represents the policies that ensure that one can have access to treatment. And in my quest to become a pediatric neurosurgeon and social entrepreneur, I am determined to improve health in all of its facets. Having been raised in an enclave of poverty in Jamaica, I know first-hand the effects of inadequate access to health care and lack of reliable treatments. I am so excited to join the SCOPE team, led by social entrepreneur Dr. Michael McCullough, to gain invaluable insight and experience into what it means to be a physician, and how this service can be extended in a variety of ways. It will no doubt prepare me for the hectic and meaningful career that awaits me.