Roldolfo Macias
Fall 2014
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2014

Ever since I was young I enjoyed working with my hands to build stuff. I would help my father build kitchen cabinets and furniture while he worked in construction and was extremely fast and efficient at it –especially since I was only about 10. For this reason I always anticipated becoming an architect or engineer. However, my curiosity for the life science began in high school after taking a few science classes. Being able to predict certain events simply by using well-defined scientific laws blew my mind, especially when applied to the human body. This curiosity flourished into a love and addiction once I took more advanced courses in college. Learning how intricate the body is made me appreciate and want to explore careers that depend on this knowledge. By joining SCOPE as an interpreter, I hope that I gain the in-depth clinical experience I need to help me decide if a career in medicine is right for me while making life-long friendships with fellow SCOPE members.