Scarlett Guo
Fall 2016
Journal Team
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As a child, my most secret and favorite pastime was writing fictional stories. It was my favorite because it gave me a way to re-frame and recreate my world. And it was a secret because my stories were very personal and written as a reflection of myself.
Nowadays I still write stories, and while they remain private, they are no longer composed in a vacuum. I am determined now to understand the perspectives of others to the best of my ability and incorporate these perspectives into my secret stories as a way to make sense of our world. I write because the most human way I can live imagine to live is by trying to understand and empathize with the other peoples of the world. And I want to find these perspectives others’ experiences of family and love, conflict and healing, medicine and care.
Here at SCOPE, I want to find fragments of stories out of which I will build a mirror of myself and my world and construct a human story that I will be able to share.