Shamik Mascharak
Fall 2013
Photography & Videography
Photo/Video Team Leader, Photographer

Member since: Fall 2013

Prior to considering medicine as a potential career choice, I believed that critical thinking and hypothesis-driven inquiry were the keys to solving any problem. It is easy to find comfort in cold rationality and hypothesis-driven machinations in the lab, where failures are merely “lessons in disguise”. But the net result of this way of thinking has hardly been satisfying. I have always felt disconnected to those I aim to help through research, despite countless, well-intentioned hours behind the bench. My brief time in SCOPE has shown me the conundrum that medicine presents to the rationality I once touted; there is no clear lesson in the suffering of innocent people, and no truly correct solution in the face of tough ethical decisions. I realize now that the source of this conundrum and my feeling of disconnect is the element of humanism that separates the cures provided by research from the healing provided by doctors. My interest in medicine fundamentally stems from a desire to foster this humanism, and better understand what it means not just to detachedly administer cures, but also to actively participate in the healing process.