Stephen Ahn
Fall 2014
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Although I have no siblings, I have always loved being the big brother figure. Both a mentor and a friend, the big brother is a giving, wise figure that can resonate with your emotions. The profound trust and personal responsibility associated with the idea give me so much fulfillment. Medicine is an extension of this role; as a physician, one is gifted with the close details of a patient’s life and is empowered to directly improve a patient’s standard of life with his or her actions.

Through SCOPE, I aim to experience the tangible reality of practicing medicine. Although I have thought for years about the emotional aspects of being a good doctor, I also realize that there is a significant physical component. Even though I may be exhausted from running around for hours, I have to leave that fatigue at the door and greet my patients with a confident smile and provide a warm atmosphere for their mental well-being. Through SCOPE, I hope to become more well-rounded as a pre-medical student and bolster my conviction for the years ahead.