Thuylinh Duong
Winter 2016
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Winter 2016

My family moved to America back in 2008. Since my parents are not fluent in English, whenever they need to see a doctor, I often have to come along to help translate and make things easier for them. Thus, I understand very well the struggle of the patients whose first language is not English. I think communication is an important bridge that helps to connect the gap between the doctor and the patient, and SCOPE has trained and given me the important materials and tools to get that bridge ready for the future. Moreover, through shadowing the doctors, I get to experience the application of science in real life. I like to be challenged with problems and work under stressful environments because then I can learn at least a new thing from it. To me, finding the solution to a patient’s problem is like trying to figure out a puzzle: locate the position of one piece at a time until a whole picture is complete. I believe if the patience and compassion are there, anything can be possible. I have a lot of bad experiences where the doctor did not actually spend time to listen to the patient, and I know how frustrating and insecure it feels to not get an explanation to a problem. I want to be in the medical field to make a difference to that, and to bring comfort and be dependable to my patients.