Tuan Carabello
Fall 2013
Interpreter Team
Spanish Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2013

When I was ten years old, I lost my best friend, Randy, to leukemia. This life-altering experience became my inspiration to become a children doctor, especially a pediatrician oncologist.I was born and grew up in Cuba, where primary healthcare is amazing, but where there is no advanced technology to treat critical illnesses such as the cancer that caused the death of my childhood best friend. Frustrated by the Communist regime and unsatisfied with the educational system, I decided to flee to Vietnam. There, I worked as tourist guide to save up money to fly to Mexico. Once in Mexico, I crossed the border and asked for political asylum. I crossed to the States with nothing in my hands, neither money nor family. I started taking ESL classes at Mt. Hood Community College while working as janitor, later as a cashier and lately as a tutor. I obtained my Associates of Science in 2013 and transferred to Stanford University where I’m currently pursuing a Bachelors in Cell Biology.