Vanuyen Pham
Fall 2014
Interpreter Team
Vietnamese Interpreter

Member since: Fall 2014

I used to envision all patients leaving the hospital with bright smiles on their faces, thanking their physicians profusely. In reality, I discovered that pain is an inevitable part of the medical profession and that I could not take things personally if a patient acted surly during a discharge. For me, the appeal of medicine lies in the opportunity to connect with people, to listen to their stories and to do whatever I can to ease their pain. I have witnessed how relieved my parents are when they can communicate with their doctors in Vietnamese. With a common language, they are able to instantly relate better to their doctors, and they are comforted with the knowledge that they will be taken care of. As a Vietnamese interpreter with SCOPE, I hope to provide this same comfort to other people. I know that SCOPE will introduce me to a variety of new opportunities and experiences, and I hope to learn more about what I can offer to the field of medicine.