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Fall 2014
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Medicine is not a path that I have traveled for long. No one in my family is a physician, in fact I am the first in my family to attend college. I am a transfer to Stanford University and my path was not leading to medicine even through my time at community college. I have had few experiences with medicine, but the things I have experienced were powerful enough to solidify my decision to become a physician. SCOPE will give me the experience pivotal to treat patients with compassion and to work with a health care team. I will be able to witness first hand the front line of care when a patient is admitted to the hospital with a minor or a major life-threatening emergency. Beyond that it will give me experience with tackling projects outside of the hospital and leadership within a medical society. My experience with SCOPE will not only help me with entrance into medical school, but the most important part: excelling wherever I go as a medical student, resident, fellow, and physician.