SCOPE members meet twice monthly (once for general meeting, and approximately once for project team meeting) to engage in an honest, active, and collaborative exploration of medicine and to sustain the SCOPE organization. Our 70+ member organization is comprised of individuals across disciplines, ages, and interests, and we each strive to learn from each other. SCOPE provides a welcoming space for meaningful mentorship and connection with others, from exchanging medical school advice to understanding the core of empathy and compassion in medicine. For interested qualified students, SCOPE can also provide an opportunity for unique non-profit leadership experience.

You can check out some photos from our various events here! Below you will find an overview of the various ways SCOPE builds community among our members:

General Meetings (GMs)

At GMs which occur once a month, the entire SCOPE community convenes on Stanford campus. GMs are a chance to stay connected as a community, share announcements, engage with guest speakers, and also meet with Project teams. Because we only have a limited number of GMs per year, attending GMs is a critical component of being part of the SCOPE community

Project Team Meetings (PTMs)

In addition to GMs, various Project teams also meet to keep up with project team work. Meetings are decided on a team-by-team basis, though most teams meet once a month as well, in between GM dates. Project teams are also a way to form close bonds with other SCOPErs members who are interested in similar projects, as well as to cultivate skills.

See the Project Team Component page for more details.

Speaker Events

We also work to put on various public lecture events for the broader community. One event is Dr. Michael McCullough’s “Dispelling Pre-Medical Myths” talk, which for over 10 years has shaped hundreds of pre-medical students’ perspectives on two critical things: how to know if medicine is right for them and how to get into the appropriate medical school.

Social Activities

From hosting BBQ’s to nature hikes to playing volleyball on the Stanford Oval, we organize and encourage members to organize social events for the greater SCOPE community. We also invite alumni to a speaker panel so members gain a greater sense of where they are in their medical journey. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

Leadership Summits

Twice a year, all Project Team Leaders have the opportunity to convene and connect through brainstorming current and future projects, troubleshooting problems, and updating Project team manuals to create sustainable organizational practices and maintain their leadership legacy. These summits help foster critical thinking, and create a tight-knit community among Project Team Leaders (PTLs).